GeoScout Presents at MIT Startup Exchange

By October 6, 2017Newsroom
Robotics, Drones and Sensor Tech Innovation – October 5th 2017

MIT Startup ExchangeThe idea of humans and robots harmoniously coexisting has been the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies and fantasy novels. However, on the morning of October 5th, innovators of technology and design flocked to MIT to discuss how this fantasy is quickly becoming a reality.

Since its inception in 2009 the MIT Startup Exchange (STEX) has been hosting discussions and presentations surrounding the rapidly changing world of technology. MIT STEX has hosted over 200 talks, and continue to act as a convening point for members of the MIT startup community. To be a part of STEX, the company must have a connection to MIT: alumni, professor, or current students are welcome to apply. GeoScout boasts two MIT alumni in their executive team. Their CEO Doug Robinow (BSEE 84) and their Director of Business Development, Neil Mayle (MBS 96).

GeoScout’s CEO, Doug Robinow, presenting at “STEX – Robotics, Drones and Sensor Tech Innovation”

The workshop “STEX – Robotics, Drones, and Sensor Tech Innovation”, sought to address the recent advances member companies have made in robotics, drones and sensors. Drone miniaturization and applications, advanced manufacturing and landscape sensing technologies were just a few of the topics up for discussion.

After coffee and welcoming remarks from the Executive Director, MIT Corporate Relations, Karl Koster, eight companies were invited to speak about their product addressed the topic of the day. The goal of these presentations is not to gain endorsement or investors, but to share ideas with their community and explore partnerships with industry leaders.

This was GeoScout’s first time participating in a STEX workshop. The presentation regarded new partnerships with sensor companies in multiple markets, from agriculture to infrastructure.